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As part of our effort to initiate dialogue in the educational and Filipino American community, we have created, an online community forum for teachers and students. stems from our partnership with the Smithsonian’s Asian Pacific American program which sponsored the development of the Smithsonian’s Centennial online Filipino American curriculum found at

Refurbished from World War II military jeeps, the jeepney emerged as the most popular means of transportation in the Philippines. These colorful vehicles have become a symbol of the vibrant history and culture of Filipinos. In naming our site,, we are making a conscious attempt to "re-claim" and "make our own" a vestige of our colonial past, which is indicative of the Filipino and Filipino American spirit. is your online vehicle for Filipino American curriculum; it is your "Filipino school bus" that everyone can ride and access.

Click on the teacher button to "gossip" about curricula and to develop a professional learning community with other educators in our "" forum. Teachers can find, upload, and comment on Filipino American curricular resources. Click on the student button to explore activities in "My Balangay Journal" that connects learning to the past, to the present, and to one another.

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Welcome to Our Online Community
A major goal of this venture is to integrate curriculum, culture, and technology to educate the public about Filipino American history, culture, and social issues. In order to encourage teachers, parents, and students to engage in conversations about Filipinos and education, we’ve created multiple spaces for learning, sharing, and networking. It is our hope that the topic of Filipinos, curriculum, and education becomes commonplace in children’s homes, schools, and communities across the nation. So jump aboard your “Filipino school bus” to tsismis and spread the word!